Monday, 30 May 2011

Tell me about your problems

I am coming home to day from my holiday xmy mam did not come whit me see I won a go and see her fizz I am sad like that if you won a tell me about some of your problems just tell me and I will help you well I will try xxxxx and I have many problems my self whit family and friends so just tell me and I will try my self but you don't have to xx Thannk you for reading my update on problems maggi.hardcastle xxxxxxxx by

Sunday, 29 May 2011

water looraod

i no alot of people watch like to watch water loo road and i am one i hat that sam has got cancer but have you seen her face when  she is crying but  she is really pretty i would love to look like her and dont you think that fyn is fit wow he is like ell bang tighde if i saw him i would cry really i am a fag like that and i love the new twins on it they are sooooooooooooooooooooo funny and they are pretty xxx

maggi.hardcastle thank you for reading my new update on water loo road if you dont watch it it is on on a wednesday night at half 7 xx byyyyyyyyyyy

7 things which boys should no xx

1:what you like to eat 
2:that money keeps you happey
3:what you like to do 
4:who you like to be tret not crap like some people do
5:what your name is duhhhhh
6:that you have face book
7:dont talk much well not to me 

fack tan

when you put a bit of fack tan on it can allll go wrong if it dose all you need to do is mostrise your skin and get lemon juice and suger and rube where it as gone wrong it will mack you look much better if you have sensative skin do not do it at your own risk xxx maggi.hardcastlexx thank you for reading my update on fack tan xxx


 when you do your nails red pink or blue do the washing up when they are dry because it helps them to look nice and neat xxx maggi.hardcastle xxx thank you for reading this update on nails

new look

jump sute at new look OMG  who nice need one :I am loveing the new pattern skrits and a tucked vest top loveing the new look and the 80 comeing back is even better when you look at pics from the 80s you are like what are they whereing but when you try it on you will look stunning PROMISE sozz about spelling mastacks xxx hahah maggi.hardcastle

planking wow

what a sham planking is geting out of hand but SO funny can not help to haha and my bro is sooo good at it and he is sick funny wont some pics of funny planking just ask maggi  thats ME  xxxxx
 but don`t go and hert your self do it for fun cozz it is funny but dont go OTT thank you for reading my lasesd update xxmaggi.hardcast;